Alvin P. Schmitt Consulting


I consult as a trained Electrical Engineer with over 45 years experience and 50 years experience writing software. Some of my specialties are: Analog and Digital Electronics, Embedded Computing and associated Software including RTOS, Compiler Writing and Automated Editors


Started in 1958
BS Electrical Engineering 1973 VPI&SU Blacksburg VA
Analog and Digital Circuit Design and Development
RF, Embedded and Computer Interfaces
PCB Layout and Design -- EagleCAD
Single Board Computers
Patent 9063067 Moisture Sensing Devices


Started in 1968
Languages: C, C++, JAVA, FORTRAN, PL/1, FLEX, BISON, Various Assemblers, JCL
RTOS Design, Compiler Design, Automated Editors
Systems Programming and Computer Systems Engineer
CCS C for Embedded Computers
OS - Linux, OS-370, DSOS, DOS, Windows, MAC-XL, My Own RTOS, RSTS
Microchip, PIC, 8051, TI980B, IBM Mainframe, Series/1, GEPAC 30 and 4020
Mini and Micro
JAVA Object Oriented Programming
C++ for C Programmers


Polymers, Ceramics, Thick Film
Skilled at Problem Solving
Patent Advice, Invention Concultation
Wood and Plastic Working, Models, Prototypes

Eagle PCB CAD Services

Eagle PCB CAD is a software package that allows a user to enter a pictorial schematic as a netlist. A board can be built from this netlist; parts arranged and connections made by Printed Circuit copper runs. I am skilled in entering the circuit into the Eagle CAD package; Placing the parts and sizing the board then making the connections. I can then send you the gerber files to make the board and educate you in this process. I charge $25.00 an hour for this service. I place parts logically and then use the autorouter. I do not draw all lines but use signal names similar to what ADAFRUIT does in their eagle schematics. Please contact me for this service using the contact box below.

Consulting fee is $98 / Hour plus expenses.
EAGLE CAD fee is $25 / Hour plus expenses.
Five (5) minute increments
First Hour Consulting Session Free

For more consulting information please send email to: consult AT alvinpschmitt DOT com
For more EAGLE CAD information please send email to: eagle AT alvinpschmitt DOT com

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